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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

PCS Subscription Rates

Paper Crafters Sampler uses Paypal as it's main source for subscription payments.  Paypal has quickly become the global leader in secure online payments.  Their system allows you to pay via paypal, credit cards and bank accounts without sharing financial information.

Payment Options

Don't have a Paypal account? No problem. Simply select the subscription you'd like and choose the option highlighted in yellow below "Use your Credit Card....."

FAQ ~ Paper Crafters Sampler

When are samplers released:  Samplers are released the 10th of each month. 

Joining Paper Crafters Sampler:   The sampler is an electronic publication.  Samplers are issued the 10th of each month, therefore, in order to receive the 'current' monthly issue you must subscribe between the 1st and 10th of the month.  If you join after the 10th of the month your subscription will become active the following month.

Subscriptions are based on recurring payments.  The date you activate your subscription is the date you will be billed the following month.  That is, if you subscribe January 3rd, you will automatically be billed again February 3rd. 

I joined after the 10th, how do I get access to the "current" issue?   If you joined after the open registration date (1st - 10th of the month), you may purchase the "Current" sampler for $12.99.  .

Note that “Annual” subscribers have access to samplers all year long.  Monthly subscribers have access to the month they subscribe to.  i.e., if you join in March your membership will start in March and you will not have access to the prior issues.

How do I access the monthly samplers?  All electroinc sampler files are stored on the    You must first join the NING (which is free).  After your payment has been processed, you will receive an invitation to the sampler for the month.  Please allow 24 hours for your payment to process.

If you are interested in back issues, please contact the moderator.

Where are the monthly samplers located?:  Samplers are stored in individual groups.
January is stored in the "January 2010 group"
February is stored in the "February 2010 group" and so on.

Recurring monthly subscribers will receive an invitation to access each monthly issue.  All samplers will be available to subscribers until January 2011.

Yearly subscribers are placed in a private group where they will have access to the monthly samples in one location.   You may join the yearly subscription plan at anytime.  In doing so you will have access to all samplers produced from January 2010 - December 2010.  e.g. if you join in June you will have access to the January - May samplers and those for the remainder of the year.

Guidelines on using Sampler info: It takes weeks to design projects and compile data in each sampler. All projects are original art work and designed exclusively for Paper Crafters Sampler. If you are using the samplers for “business’ purposes, please respect the time and effort we have put into each issue and to others who have paid to subscribe.

Do not share the sampler files and templates freely.  We would like to request you refer interested parties to the Paper Crafters Sampler site where they may purchase the issues as other subscribers have.

Demonstrators who subscribe to the monthly issues are free to offer classes featuring the projects through your personal workshops. You are free to announce your class on the following media sources:  Demo calendar of events, blog, newsletter and snail mail.

We ask that demonstrators not forward projects specification or files to downline, sideline, upline, online groups or forums. Again, please forward interested parties to the main PCS website. Your purchase of the sampler is for YOUR benefit and we ask that you respect the guidelines we have set forth.

We acknowledge our Design Team: Our design team is one of our most valuable assets.  If you have joined Paper Crafters Sampler by a referral from a member of our design team, please use their Design Team CODE.  Our design team is rewarded for their efforts.

If at anytime you have questions on a projects and need further details, please feel free to contact the design team member.  We enjoy hearing from our subscribers and look forward to their feedback. 

Cancellations:   Recurring Monthly subscriptions:  You may cancel your subscription at anytime.  You must cancel at least two days prior to the release of the upcoming sampler. Contact the moderator by email or phone (225-650-9111).

You shall not be entitled to any pro-rated or partial refund if you choose to cancel your membership before the end of the current monthly subscription.   You agree that if you cancel at any time after purchasing a monthly subscriptions (e.g. 10 mintues after you gain access to the site), you will still be charged for the full monthly subscription period.

Yearly subscribers:  Yearly subscribers are prorated and your refund will reflect those months which you have not received samplers.

Sharing Samplers:  Our Paper Crafters Samplers are designed to help both paper crafters and SU! demonstrators.  All files and documentation is the exclusive property of Paper Crafters Sampler. 

We encourage all paper crafters and demonstrators to recreate the projects offered in each sampler and share your completed creations with your friends, co-workers and customers.  Forwarding our electronic files to others is strictly prohibited.  Demonstrators and paper crafters are free to share the projects our design team has created with others in 'printed' format only, with limited distribution.    

Our design team and moderator has put great time and effort in producing each Sampler.  We simply ask you to refer interested parties to our website where they may purchase samplers for themself.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Inception of Paper Crafters Sampler

As a demonstrator, designing projects and preparing for several workshops a month took plenty of time.  Time is a very valuable resource.  Between work and family, there really wasn’t much time left during the week, but the workshop planning had to be squeezed in.  After draining so much time from my day, I decided to find a solution, that’s when the Paper Crafters Sampler was developed.    

Originally designed to help cut time for my personal workshops, it seemed logical I knew it would be a great resource for others experiencing the same time I had. It only seemed logical to offer the time saving ideas to others.  Then, in 2010 the Paper Crafters Sampler was launched. 

What makes the Paper Crafters Sampler so unique?

Each issue monthly issue is based on a specific theme.  Design team members use the given theme to create projects for the month.  Past themes include:  wedding issue, gardening issue, winged creatures and more.  Themes are generally select by the time of year the issue will be released.   Issues are released well before the actual event or occasion is to arrive.  That is, Valentine projects are submitted for the January issue so there is plenty time to create well before the February 14th holiday.

In each issue you’ll find:

·         Projects using Stampin’ Up! Only products
·         Full step by step instructions on recreating each project.
·         Additional images needed for recreating projects.
·         7 – 8 projects, two projects being 3D and one EXCLUSIVE template each month.
·         Exclusive templates will be offered in PDF and SVG format beginning 2015.
·         Options for discounted full year subscription or monthly subscriptions.
·         The Paper Crafters Sampler is released the 10th of each month.

Over time, the Sample has grown to included demonstrators from several other countries and even on demos.  We have occasional blog hops where each design team member offers their creative take on the template of the month, and occasional have “Creative Take” teams who also offer their creative take on a monthly template.