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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January ~ Tokens of Love

January 10th is the release of the first Sampler for the 2013 year. The "Tokens of Love" issue offers projects ideas for Valentines Day.

(If you're pre-purchasing the January issue before the 10th of the month, be save save the link provided by Fastwagon.  You'll use the same link to access the entire project Sampler when it's released on the 10th of the month).

We've got several new design team members and they've really went all out on their first project!  Here's a few sneak peeks of what you can expect. 


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 PCS Earlybird Special

It's a new year and time to announce the Earlybird Special for the 2013 Paper Crafters Sampler.
Subscribe to the 2013 Full Year of the Paper Crafters Sampler and receive a special bonus issue.  When you subscribe by January 8th,  you'll get a compiled issue of the Year in Review for 2012.  One project from each of the previous 2012 monthly Samplers has been compiled to highlight some of our favorite projects from last year.  That's 12 project with images and full specs.
Your bonus "2012 year in review" is available as an instant download for all earlybird subscribers.
Get all 12 issues of the 2013 year (released during their designated months) for just $89.00.  That's a $5 savings on each monthly issue,  regularl price of $12.99.
 (Earlybird Ends January 8, 2013, but you can still save over $4.75 an issue buy subscribing to the Full Year of the 2013 Sampler. )