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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

April ~ Winged Things

The April issue of Paper Crafters Sampler is preparing for it's launch date of April 10th.  Our theme this month is "Winged Things".

Now that winter is subsiding, it's time for the Earth and it's creatures to wake from their long resting period.  With the 'feel' of spring in the air, you'll soon see crafters everywhere designing projects that relate to the new season.

This the Sampler is one step ahead again, offering ideas to get your started on your spring crafting project.  The April issue has incorporated birds, butterflies and other winged creatures for our "Winged Things" issue.  Design team members didn't limit themselves to just birds and butterflies.  They're offering some out of the box ideas to really get your crafting gears going.

The April issue will be offering another Exclusive template for our subscribers.  This month, a 3D paper Lantern. 

The template was designed to be used as a table-top display and can be used for multiple occasions.  Our design team has come up with some very clever themes for their lanterns.  You can view their beautiful samples below.  Take a peek at a few extra ideas using chipboard birds.

Additional Samples from the design team: