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Friday, March 11, 2011

Paper Crafters Sampler Library

Have you check out the new Paper Crafters Sampler Library?  The entire listing of the 2010 samplers available for at a substantial savings of their original price.

Each 2010 issue includes all projects produced during their corresponding months and includes any templates offered at that time.  These past issues are a great resource for planning the remainder of your workshop crafting year.  This special rate is offered due to some of the product may not be current.  However, the quality of the projects and ideas are just as amazing when they were first introduced! 

Each issue is just $6.99 and downloaded straight to your computer via Fastwagon.  Simply follow the directions given and you're set to start planning your upcoming year!

Here's a few reminders of what several of the months offered.  If you're interested in seeing additional samples, go to the Paper Crafters Sampler Library and select on the individual month you're interesetd in.

February 2010 ~ Easter Bonnet

February 2010 ~ miniature birdhouse

Apron ~ March 2010

April 2010 ~ Garden Lantern

April ~ Pyramid Box

April ~ Glamour Girl Dress

December ~ VIA travel pouch